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WHAT WE DO features Cellular Network Reports, Reviews, Ratings and other Cellular Data & Opinion, including Prepaid. We are the champion of the wireless consumer looking for the best deal, and support cellular operators who best fill those needs.  Our primary focus is on the smaller carriers in the US and how they compare with the largest.  Our pages are arranged by Carrier, by State or Prepaid. This is the flagship of the Mountain Wireless Cellular Networks made up of a dozen specialized wireless web sites.
General US Network Observations:
Our most basic review compares the general performance nationally of the top 5 US carriers, below. For more localized reviews, click on the state map, above.
  • We experience the most geographic coverage, the most 4G and 4G - LTE connections and the fewest complaints about coverage with VERIZON WIRELESS.

  • Overall, AT&T is nearly as good as Verizon Wireless, but they have a number of coverage and capacity challenges in both western markets and in the largest cities. There are areas of the country where AT&T is notably the dominant carrier.

  • T-MOBILE often offers the best value with excellent urban neighborhood-level coverage. Until recently their coverage was somewhat limited in rural areas but that has changed in much of the country. T-Mobile has upgraded a large portion of their network to now provide a good amount of rural coverage and, in some urban areas, greatly improved in-building coverage. They offer many consumer-friendly features and very good international roaming prices and capabilities.

  • SPRINT often tops AT&T with service and coverage in several markets but Sprint does not provide as much total coverage across the country. Sprint does offer coverage in some out-of-the-way places and they have added many micro-cells to improve close-in coverage.  However, they have added very few new sites in rural areas.

  • US CELLULAR is the 5th largest wireless carrier in the US. While they serve mostly smaller cities and rural areas, they offer a much better than average customer experience and a very robust 4G-LTE network. Except for Prepaid, they have always been at the top of our Mountain Wireless Ratings.

  • For more detailed observations in your area, click on your state on the map, above. Some markets have additional local carriers that offer a better value than the national carriers. Some of these smaller carriers appear at the top of our Mountain Wireless Ratings. Prepaid carriers such as TracFone and Straight Talk offer national coverage utilizing the infrastructure of the other major wireless carriers and can be depended upon to find a signal from the best available network. Read about these Prepaid carriers at Mountain Prepaid.

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